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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Email Marketing System??

Five reasons why you should have your own email marketing system.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Email Marketing System??

  • So, let's not waste more time and go directly to our topic.

Why you should have your own email marketing system?

What do you mean by your own email marketing system? 

When you wanna send email marketing campaigns, when you wanna have your email list, manage your emails, manage your campaigns and so on, you need an email marketing system. A service that helps you manage all this stuff. Usually, you go and check like MailChimp, GetResponse, Webber, ActiveCampaign, and such companies. I'm not saying that these companies are bad, No. These are the top email marketing companies and they are great services. I'm saying If you are a professional email marketer you need to have your own system even if you are using one of these top services. So, you need to have your own system in line with whatever you are doing or you can replace the full system with your own. 

Now in only 30 seconds what is an email marketing system? 

Simply, it's an email marketing application that manages your email list, manages your campaign, and so on connected to a mailing system or a mailing server which is an SMTP server.

Now, I wanna go directly to the point and why you should have your own system when it comes to email marketing.

Number one is pricing. If you go now to MailChimp as an example and let's select this standard plan or let's say the cheapest one is essentials and click on "calculate your price" and if you start with 500 subscribers, 500 contacts only, you'll pay 10 dollars.

Do you know how much this system cost me? less than 30$. So, there's a huge difference between pricing between email marketing services and your own system. So, this is number one which takes us to 

Number two. You see here, almost all companies have limits on subscribers. While, if you have your own system you will not worry about subscribers count. You can have unlimited subscribers and this is really awesome.

The third reason is you can send cold emails with your system. If you have a new business, a new service and you wanna send cold outreach emails, there is no email marketing company that allows this type of emails. You need to use a company like Woodpecker but you need to connect your own like a G Suite account or Office 365 account and so on. While in your own system, you can send any types of emails and this is really very important. So, the same system can be used to send news letters, marketing emails, and cold emails.

Number four is that you will not worry about getting banned because it's your own system you take control over your own system you just need to follow the best practice and guidelines to keep your system safe,  you will not worry about getting banned like one day you wake up in the morning and you check your mail box and you see Oh! you get banned from using your email marketing account.

Reason number five which I think it's the most important is SMTP switching. You can anytime switch email delivery services.

So, here are five reasons that I think at least will make you think about creating your own email marketing system, even though maybe just to test with cold emails.