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Top 3 Foods You Should NEVER EAT To Stay Healthy (avoid cancer & fat).

Top 3 Foods You Should NEVER Eat To Stay Healthy.

Top 3 Foods You Should NEVER EAT To Stay Healthy (avoid cancer & fat)

What is up fam today we are going to be talking about the three foods that you need to avoid in 2022 and the first one is:

These nasty vegetable oils.

You see i got the crisco here this is actually just soybean oil and then i got the canola oil here and what's so up about this is that it actually says heart healthy here so they're trying to promote these toxic inflammatory oils as health foods and that is a huge reason why so many people in america are confused and that's another reason why 600 000 people die every single year of heart disease it's because of misinformation like this now one of the things that's so harmful about soybean oil and canola oil as you can see in this study that i'm referencing above is that these have been found and directly linked to things like anxiety depression, autism and even alzheimer's, these are the most commonly used oils in america and it's a huge reason why our country is 70 overweight and we're rattled by chronic disease so i really want you to practice replacing these toxic industrial seed oils with high quality oils such as extra virgin, olive oil, high quality avocado oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter we'll talk a little bit more about those later but really do your best to remove these from your life in 2022.

Now let's go to number two all right fam the second food that you want to avoid in 2022 is:

Food dyes.

All right you were probably told as a kid that Gatorade is good for you it has electrolytes it's going to energize you and help you stay hydrated that's this is just sugar water with better marketing, okay and you can see if we zoom in here the camera might be able to catch it but this has red 40 in it this has yellow five in it and these artificial food dyes are banned in the majority of the countries in the world and they're banned for a reason because these have been found to cause hyperactivity in the brain and unfortunately so many of these drinks and snack foods and juices that contain these food dyes are marketed towards children and we're seeing an increasing amount of kids suffering from things like ADHD or other learning disabilities and a huge reason for that is because we're feeding them poison, please read your labels be conscious of what you're feeding yourself and your children.

And now I'm going to show you the third food that you need to avoid in 2022 let's go, all right the number three food that you need to avoid in 2022 is:

Plastic bottles specifically drinking water from plastic.

I know that might sound crazy to you but i'm gonna explain to you exactly why you need to replace this with either glass or a high quality home filter something other than plastic because this plastic contains thousands of different chemicals which disrupt your endocrine system and your endocrine system is responsible for the way your hormones function and this is a huge reason why fertility rates have plummeted in the last decade it's another big reason why so many men have lower levels of testosterone because all of the chemicals are disrupting the way that their body is functioning, okay what happens with the plastic water bottles is the chemicals in the plastic leach into the water because think about it like these are all being weighted to get loaded into a truck they're being exposed to sunlight they're being exposed to natural light then they sit on the shelf right so in that process all those chemicals are leaching into the water guess what you drink that water those chemicals now leach into your bloodstream so you're really setting off this huge volcano of dysfunction in your body your bloodstream your brain so please i'll show you what a good replacement, really do your best to stay away from plastic.