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Top 5 Crypto to buy NOW in 2022.

What starts crypto has had in 2022.

Pretty much every crypto is down at least 10 across the board and we're finally starting to see some fear in crypto as we have billionaires saying crypto is useless and worthless and on the other hand, we have people saying it's the future of our society and it's gonna make everyone rich now you already know my viewpoint on this there's really just no hiding from crypto at this point it's legit everywhere you go someone is talking about it it's all over the news honestly at this point you're either in or you're out.

What is up guys it's your boy forest and in today's article, I'll be going over the top five cryptos that should be on your radar for 2022.

Now with all this uncertainty in the markets right now many people are wondering where they should be putting their bags and what crypto is going to be doing well this upcoming year so I think you guys are really gonna like the coins I'm gonna be talking about in today's article because some of them might be larger cap coins that you guys are familiar with and some of them might be smaller cap coins that you might not have heard of. 

Number one we have Ethereum 

Thinking seriously everyone is already talking about this there's actually something really big happening this year that a lot of people don't know of so Ethereum 2.0 first phase is set to release sometime in the first half of 2022 or this upcoming year and it's gonna change it from a proof of work coin to a proof of stake model where the community can now validate the blockchain this is going to allow you to finally stake Ethereum and yes you can already stake Eth 2.0 but as you know it's locked up and you can't remove it until this merging event happens now this is phase 1 of Eth 2.0 there's actually a phase 0 that was released back in december of 2020 that released a beacon chain which is what you're staking on when you stake Eth 2.0 so phase 0 was creating the staking chain phase 1 that's coming out in the next 5 months is the merging event from proof of work to a proof of stake model and then the last phase phase two which will probably happen in the next few years will introduce something called sharding which at a high level will make transactions a lot faster basically how everything works right now with Ethereum is each node keeps a copy of the transaction and this is why it's a lot slower than other coins when a transaction comes through each node has to confirm with each other which slows down the process a lot with sharding it'll divvy up the responsibilities where only a group of nodes or a shard will need to validate the transaction for it to go through all in all meaning faster transaction times okay so once this Eth 2.0 merge happens we're actually going to see something really cool if you go to ultrasound, money you can actually simulate the merge and see that Ether 2.0 will turn into a deflationary asset and possibly it'll be permanently from what i'm reading which will be insane with basic economics that we've learned in school, if the demand for each stays the same which i think it will and the supply is now decreasing this would cause a huge increase of the price of Ethereum now, i've been hearing about the merge so you know how you can stake Eth 2.0 and you can't take anything out until the merge happens well when the merge happens all those positions are going to become liquid and theoretically all the people who staked Eth 2.0 can sell it and take their profits now personally i don't think this will happen at a very large scale maybe just a little selling pressure but i wouldn't let it worry you also a few questions i'm getting about Eth 2.0 is is there going to be a new coin nope as of right now there will be no swapping of your current ether to the new Eth 2.0 coin everything will happen automatically and you won't have to worry about anything on your end another one is are the gas fees gonna be a lot lower are they gonna be fixed and again unfortunately no this was never really the goal of Ethereum to have low gas fees but that's why we have these layer two solutions to help us with that and speaking about layer two solutions coming in at.

Number two we have Polygon.

Now Polygon is really interesting because it's the layer two solution to Ethereum which is what we were just talking about transactions are super fast and most importantly very cheap on the network because of those features we've seen companies like draftkings partner with the network to launch their own platform there's also huge rumors out there that coinbase's new NFT marketplace which they've already announced a waitlist for will run on the Polygon network, now Polygon is no joke and has thousands of developers actively working to make it better and when you have all that talent and great minds working together on something big it's hard for no value to come from it when looking at their price action yes they're trading high right now but i think there's still a lot of room to grow i mean imagine what the price will go to if coinbase's NFT marketplace is run on the network that would just be insane for its price Polygons currently over 17 billion dollars in market cap but when i was doing research on this just last week it was at 13.7 billion dollars in market cap so a pretty big difference and personally i think it's still undervalued with all the development they have going on behind the scenes and i can honestly see the price of Polygon doubling in the very near future now before we get into the third coin i know a lot of you guys are into trading or you want to start trading so i highly suggest you guys looking into lux algo it's an algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell stocks crypto or forex i've been using it for the past two years and it's honestly changed my game they have so many extra add-on features you guys can use when you're making your trades so you have better confidence when you're making them.

Number three we had Phantom.

Now looking at Phantom we've seen it increase from around three cents to over three dollars Phantom has experienced over a hundred percent gain just in the last month alone now the reason is because of the abundance of new projects being built on the network what makes Phantom so special is that its technology is very flexible and it allows developers to port their existing dapps or Ethereum based apps onto Phantom in a matter of minutes which substantially upgrades its performance and lowers the gas fees of their projects there have been a ton of new projects being built on Phantom like AVE V3 which will be a really big one and daniel susta on twitter the guy who created time wonderland and mim magic internet money the stablecoin is creating a Platform called popsicle finance which aims to have an options exchange liquidity cross chain and derivatives all in one application now this is exciting because daniel already has a great track record in the crypto space and is super bullish on Phantom's technology so that's a great vote of confidence in my eyes we had all-time highs of about three dollars and 48 cents back in late october and have gotten close to that this last month i think we could see a run back at those numbers and if there is a huge resistance for the coin at that price point i think we can see Phantom hitting three dollars and seventy cents or three dollars and eighty cents in the short term and honestly the sky is the limit in the long term from what we can see from the chart it certainly does come back down to test support levels a lot so we just have to keep that in mind but i do think this is a great long-term hold due to Phantom's technology and rapid adoption.

Number four is Metahero.

Now all you metaverse people out there will really like this one especially with what metahero is doing now they're allowing you to take any 3d object in the world and digitally upload it into the metaverse with many people thinking the world will become more virtual i think this only makes sense i mean you have more people who care about their social media presence than their real life presence and that won't go away in the better verse either so how this could be useful is say you're super into fashion and maybe you have a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes well you probably want to show that off to your friends and others in the better and have your avatar rocking those kicks as well you can do that with the metahero something pretty cool is metahero was founded by rob grin a wealthy entrepreneur and one of the richest people in poland but that's not what makes him unique he was the former SEO of codewise the second fastest growing company in europe and after selling codewise he shifted all of his attention into crypto he's reportedly put 10 million dollars of his own money into this project which shows a great sign of confidence and with his proven track record of building new businesses i think we're going to witness another win with this project what's great about metahero is that the camera or meta scanner has high definition 360 cameras and are already built and development is in motion a lot of these metavis coins you're seeing right now are simply just hyped up with no idea or action backing it right now meta is hovering around 10 cents and has gotten all the way as high up to 25 cents when all the metaverse hype was going on i can see this easily to exiting as the metaverse becomes more real and more projects like this have a use case scenario i can see companies using this to put their products in place ads in the metaverse as well as consumers just showing off their luxury items to everyone online so make sure you keep an eye out for metahero.


And i know what you're thinking this isn't anything new well since crypto has dropped and solana is currently trading at around 140 that's honestly a steal NFT platforms and other projects are still being built on solana because of his fast transaction speeds and low gas fees and i know Ethereum killer gets thrown around a lot when it comes to solana but i honestly don't think that's gonna happen in this upcoming year Ethereum was the first and as you know first mover advantage is very powerful and has allowed Ethereum to accumulate billions of users and stability now this doesn't take away from the fact that solana is still a very great project and most likely will still take away some market share from Ethereum just don't believe all that flipping stuff where solana is gonna flip Ethereum because if that is the true we're still very far away from that the NFT space has cooled off a bit because everyone and their moms were creating jpegs and trying to sell them online what the but i do think we're just at the tip of the iceberg with digital verification and we'll see solana is one of the main platforms and a lot of these projects will run on it in the future another nice perk of solana is that if you're gonna hold it you can stake it and get up to seven to eight percent return on your money which is some great passive income and with that guys these were my top five crypto picks for 2022.